How we produced a windfall of sales for Link Edge by inspiring perfectionists.

A word from our client.

“I see the results on my balance sheet, the positive conversations we have with dealers and the production in the factory. Mihell & Lycos showcased the power of creating a strong strategic direction to underpin creative.


To be successful with manufacturing in Australia needs more than a great product, you need Mihell & Lycos to get your brand, sales systems and campaigns to another level.”


Anastasia Haysom Varpenius

Director, LinkEdge

The Product.

Edging strips made of aluminium to separate lawns from pavers and gravel or to create designs.

The Objective.

Establish the brand as a premium product and engage a national dealer network – inspiring gardeners, DIYers and landscapers to visit dealers and make a purchase.

A couple of challenges!

Cheap imports flooding in and other alternatives to create garden edging (wood/concrete). So plenty of competition, most selling on price.


Not a large enough budget for television to meet the client need for a big branding campaign. So that made radio the next choice, which was a shame seeing this is a highly visual product!

How to communicate a highly visual product on radio?

We created a new brand insight by digging deeper into the type of buyer for Link Edge and based on the attributes of the product.

Brand insight: The unique and key feature is the ability to create perfect edging and perfect shapes to create your perfect garden.


Our buyer type: Gardening perfectionists.

Meet Pete and Penny -

The Gardening Perfectionists!

We developed two fun, engaging characters to use on radio, the personification of gardening perfectionists.


Listen to them here:

Pete the Perfectionist

Penny the Perfectionist

The Results?

The Call to Action at the end of the ads led to the website. Website traffic went boom! Over 350%. We made sure that when people got to the website, it was easy to understand the value of the product and find a dealer or make an online enquiry.

We saw that web traffic turn into a very low bounce rate on the home page, with people going to the dealers' page, leading to a heap more enquiries (the actual sales is hush-hush - but read the client’s testimonial, that says a lot!).

What happened next?

We conspired for more prosperity.

Client: Let's do radio again, only spend more!

Client: Huh?

Us: No!

Us: We think we can achieve more in sales, using less money for media.

Client: Humm, never had an advertising agency tell us to spend less on media, isn’t that how you guys also make money?

Us: Meh.. sure, media commissions are nice, but let’s look at digital. You’ll love us for a long time and we can always go back to radio…

Meet Pete and Penny -

The Gardening Perfectionists!

(in person this time!)

We hatched a cunning plan to use digital to create more trackable leads and sales. First we wanted to see what the response would be on digital media.

This included beefing up the Instagram account.

Creating cost effective animations, using the radio script.

Re-targeting adverts tied to the website so we were stalking people everywhere!

And Re-targeting adverts on Facebook.

The results were marvellous!

People loved Pete and Penny. Now we knew where the fish were and how to catch them…

So we created a competition to super charge everything and bring in the motherlode!

Add to this some really great innovations with Native advertising.

And Key Opinion Leader marketing.

The brand engagement was going big!

But also, sales, sales, sales!

“Mihell & Lycos generated well above average engagement with their campaign.

Very clever use of our platform – a masterclass in engagement.”


Angelique Wheeler

Head of Sales and Operations

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